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Level 300 Youth Ministry

We exist to help students develop a genuine passion for Christ and his purpose in the earth. 

Level 300 Youth Ministry at Garland Church are kids (grades 6-12) led by volunteer leaders and parents in small groups. We’re meeting in homes or hiking on a Saturday morning. We’re grabbing some pizza and ice cream. We’re opening our Bibles and getting to know Jesus. We’re a place where questions can be asked and we’re wrestling with honest answers. Think mentoring. . . think discipling.


Disciplemaking Relationships:

At Level 300, we encourage students to venture beyond only attending Youth Group into discovering what it means to be a committed follower of Christ. We believe this is accomplished most effectively through a life-on-life relationship with a more mature follower of Christ; an adult who is a little bit further along the journey who can guide a student in what it means to be a Christ follower. Through these strategic relationships, we seek to walk with students as they become true Disciples of Christ.


Special Events:

Level 300 also offers all sorts of Special Events throughout the year. We attend Summer Camps and Fall/Winter Retreats, go backpacking, work on various service projects and fundraisers, plus lots more!

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