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The most important part of being discipled in your faith is to enter into a discipling relationship with a mentor who is further ahead in their walk with Jesus. But unfortunately, most people don’t have that someone to invest in them. Instead, they find themselves picking up bits and pieces of information from Christian books and speakers and the like, “gleaning” their way through the Christian life. 

Jesus envisioned more. 

He envisioned mature Christians helping younger Christians along in their faith, so that the process in growing is aided most by relationship and less by tools. Still, some basic resources are helpful along the way. 


disciple: an integrated method for growing in christ

In the Garland Church community, we’ve produced our own material designed for use by you and your discipler to learn key foundations in the Christ life.  It’s called Disciple: An Integrated Method for Growing in Christ, and it’s key theme is progressing through the Bible with your discipler. 


Building a discipling culture

Another important and helpful resource is Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen and the 3DM team. Individual disciplers may also add other materials such as scripture memory tools and topical resources.Schedule