Garland Church

Youth Winter Camp

Level 300 Youth Winter Retreat at Ross Point

December 1-3, 2017

Grades 6-12

We're heading to Ross Point for their Fall Retreat.

Cost is $73, but if you register with at least a deposit by November 17, you can get a $10 discount.

Register online at


Relentless Pursuit

with Noah Dexter

Did you know that God is after you right now? I’m not talking creepy stalker, or police officer ready to arrest you for a crime. I’m talking after you like a groom wooing his bride. He is fighting invisible battles for you. He is singing love songs over you. He is working behind the scenes to give you the highest good for your life. Do you think you’re making it tough for Jesus to love you? Hiding from him? Ignoring him? Doing things you know he’s not cool with? Guess what? It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing that can stop God from reaching you. There’s not a wall he won’t tear down, a mountain he won’t scale, a chain he won’t break, a pit he won’t climb into in pursuit of you. Whatever it takes, he is willing to pay the price. He has proven that he is even willing to go so far as to give his life for you. What will your response to his great love be? Jesus invites you to pursue him back. Our hearts were made to follow him. If we aren’t pursuing him, we are pursuing something else. What worthless idols are you chasing after? Are you going after happiness? Popularity? Good grades? Success in athletics? Pleasing your parents? At the fall retreat we will invite you to leave these things behind, and to seek God’s kingdom first. To give everything you have in order to pursue closeness with your creator. Come experience Jesus and his reckless, unconditional, unrelenting love.

Ross Point Camp

820 S Ross Point Road
Post Falls, ID  83854


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