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Membership at Garland Church is not a system to divide the church or create elitism. It's simply our way to help the church move forward in its calling. Membership at Garland means entering into a community in which accountability, service and relationship are made a priority.

Do I need to be a member to participate at garland?

Not at all. However, we encourage you to seek membership as a formal statement of commitment to the people and vision of this church family. Dedication to a fellowship of believers is one key aspect of your personal growth, living out your unique contribution, and building unity within the church body. 

Garland's participating members also have the opportunity to influence the key decisions and directions of the church.

What do I need to do to become a member?

We encourage every person seeking Garland Church membership to participate in our introductory class, taught by Pastor Rod, which is offered twice a year. These are social gatherings that are designed to help newer people in the church get to know our leaders.


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