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Local Missions


Local Missions

The Local Mission Team’s role is to encourage each and every member of Garland Church to “be a blessing” to those around them. 

The Garland community is encouraged to serve and love their neighbor where ever any individual member spends their day: at work, or school, or within their own family and neighborhood. 

Officially, Garland Church (via the Local Mission Team) reaches out to the community through the following service areas.  For more information about any of our areas of service please contact Ann at or through our Contact page.

Our Ministries

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Finch School

At the Core: Garland Church funds a program that feeds 50 nutritionally-challenged elementary school students and provides meals over weekends and holidays. Team members are needed to transport these meals every Thursday from Garland Church to Finch School. We also host annual “Big Build” events where these lunch packs are put together. Contact Connie Wentz for more information.

Reading Buddies: Join a team that volunteers one hour every Tuesday morning to read with 2nd or 3rd grade children. 


Garland Business District

The Garland Business District is one of the few community shopping districts still in Spokane.  If you are interested in joining a team who walks and prays through the Garland neighborhood and business district please contact us via the email address listed above.


World Relief & The Garland House

Team up with Garland and World Relief Spokane to serve refugees resettling in Spokane!

Support our efforts with the Garland House, a recently refurbished home next door to the church where refugee families can spend their first 1-2 weeks in Spokane while waiting for permanent housing.

Team members are needed to visit these refugee families, introduce them to local playgrounds for their children and the Shadle Library Computers (for email access). Team members are also needed to help repair broken items and replace those with wear and tear.

Spokane Guilds' School & Neuromuscular Center

The Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center (more familiarly called The Guilds’ School) is located just across the street.

The Local Mission Team partners with hundreds of volunteers city-wide in the Guilds’ School Kids for Kids Penny Drive and the Christmas Tree of Sharing.

From October-December a team comes together to provide presents to particularly needy families at the Guilds' School.  Whether you have organizational, artistic, or present wrapping talent, we need you!


Local Neighborhood

Garland Church is fortunate to be located in a unique Spokane neighborhood.  The Local Mission Team is continually seeking new ways to creatively meet the needs of those in the immediate vicinity.

The Food Donation program cooperates with Mead Yokes Fresh Market to redistribute surplus food items to those in need.  Join the team that picks up these donated items on Saturday morning so they can be distributed on Sunday.  For more info contact Sue Frasier.

Our Children’s Ministry also reaches out to neighbor kids each summer for our annual Sports Camp! Learn more over at our Kid's Ministry page.

city gate & blessings under the bridge

Join the City Gate Sandwich Making team, who meets on the second Saturday of each month to make sandwiches for Spokane’s homeless. We meet in the Garland Church Kitchen at 10am!

Quarterly, Garland Church joins Blessings Under the Bridge to help serve a meal, and provide other donated items such as warm clothing and toiletries.

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