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Donate Fabric and Supplies

Before purchasing fabric please review the List of Criteria for fabrics. Also, check out this helpful Fabric Guidelines Chart.

Donate Funds for Fabric and Supplies

  • Place cash donations in the "tip jar" on sew day.

  • Make a check payable to "Days for Girls International" (Memo: Spokane WA Team). Mail directly to Days for Girls at 102 Ohio Street
    Bellingham, WA 98225 OR give to Cherrie/Darcy on Sew Day.

  • Donate online at the Days for Girls website.


  • Snuggle flannel- 2 yard increments work best (ie., bolt is 8 yards)

  • Large see-through storage bins

  • Color-Catchers for washing fabrics, especially batiks (in laundry section of store)

  • Heavy Duty lint rollers

  • Packages of girl's panties (Target, WalMart)

  • Hotel size soap bars

  • Ziplock (brand specific) freezer gallon bags - tabs only - no zippers

Quality Control

Our goal is to make a quality item that lasts for 3 years. Everyone needs to be familiar with the quality control criteria for every item they work on. Items that don't meet the criteria cannot be included in a Days4Girls bag.

Continued excitement about the project

This is an ongoing project and we're looking for interested individuals to lead one of the areas we're working on. I have 2 ladies who will be doing our quality control and inspection of all items produced.


We are an Official Days for Girls Team - The Spokane WA Team, having passed our sample evaluation. We had to send multiple pictures alongside rulers and with closeups to show we met the quality control criteria of each component - bag, shields and both regular and heavy duty liners.

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We support Choshen Farm and the work they do with girls in the village of Fimpulu in northern Zambia.

Days for Girls Sew Day

What if your girls missed a week of school every month? That's a thing in rural Africa. It's not uncommon for girls around the world to miss school because they don't have the products they need.

The Garland Church sewing group is partnering with Days for Girls and Choshen Farm with a goal of making 1000 sustainable feminine products kits for girls in Zambia. Women and girls of all ages are invited to come sew with us. All skill levels are welcome.

Join us for our upcoming Sew Days!

April 13, May 4 and June 8

Good morning this snowy morning....Saturday (February 23) was a GREAT day!! I had so much fun and I think a bunch of you did as well. We had 41 women, of varying ages, working on Days for Girls Kits. We packed 145 beautiful kits. Ladies, this is awesome!!

Wanted to update you on a couple of things and give you the upcoming sew dates so you can get them on your calendar. 

1. The good news is we are SOOOO effective in our production that we are way down on our supply of flannel that hasn't started the "process" of becoming a liner... the good news is we just receive $750 from the North Spokane Lion's Club.... SHOUT OUT to them!!  Once we receive the funds I will order the big rolls of flannel from Marshall Dry Goods in Batesville, AR. 

2. The good news is we are making the beautiful DFG bags and shields at an amazing rate... the bad news is we are way down on our supply of pretty, quality cotton fabrics to make more. Your amazing donations of fabric and funds are immediately put into the process ... I just purchased about 25 yards of beautiful, quilt shop quality at $4/yd.... great deal...  REMEMBER, we use cotton fabric 5" square, 8.5" x 10.25" and 13" x 32".... small to big!! Talk to those friends that sew and get them to clean out their "stash".

3. The good news is we have a good supply of dye for our light colored panties, beautiful ribbons for the bags and DFG bag labels on their way. We have another donation in process and The Valley DFG ladies are giving us washcloths, panties and ZipLock bags.  We are so thankful for all of these donations!!  Keep them coming!!

IF you know of any groups or individuals who might be interested in making a financial donation... please let Darcy or I know.... at ~$15/bag we are looking at a financial output of $15,000 for our "1,000" bags. Every penny we receive goes into the kit production.... we have been amazingly blessed that every time we need funds.... they arrive!! 

Thank you to the groups and individuals that continue working on the DFG kit components in between the official Sew Day....  the washing, cutting, sewing, dyeing, Kam snapping, serging, etc., etc., makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!! We are also working with a couple of individual groups that we anticipate will work along side our team.

Some more good news.... the DFG Zambia team has been established and we met for the first time this week. We will be traveling July 16 to August 7. Individuals are responsible for funding their own trip. We'll share more with you as we progress.... we are Darcy, Chandelle, Tauni, Alaina, Allie and myself.

Ladies, THANK YOU!!

Darcy & Cherrie for the Spokane WA DFG

* If you ever have questions please contact us by filling out the contact form below.

**hope I didn't miss anyone......

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