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Discipleship Essentials

Get Equipped for Disciple-Making

“Go And Make Disciples” This is Jesus’ command to us. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea and not everyone knows how to do it – to make disciples. At Garland Church, we are committed to becoming a disciple-making culture and we have a plan to EQUIP everyone to eventually become a disciple-maker.

Discipleship Essentials You are invited to participate in our Discipleship Essentials training – whether you are an experienced disciple-maker, a rookie, or someone without a clue about disciple-making, there’s room for you – we need everyone. Please come to one of our two training opportunities: Wednesdays@Garland (begins Sept 19 at 6:45pm or Sunday Community Hour (begins Sept 23 at 10:45am). Each session will include a short teaching and a small discussion group. Whether you’re new to the faith and just want to learn the essentials or you have been around and are ready to pass along what you know, this training will guide you along a path to prepare you to eventually obey Jesus’ command.

Equipment We have a published training manual for you – it’s called Discipleship Essentials, by Greg Ogden.  Each ‘lesson’ is designed to prepare you, step-by-step, with the core truths from the Word of God which we need to know, absorb and live-into to be confident disciple-makers.

Community You’ll have the opportunity to learn with other learners, to ask questions, to express your doubts and wrestle with the details in a small grouping of like-minded folks.

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Not sure your ready to commit yet? Come for the first couple weeks– no commitment required. Then, we’ll be asking you to stick with us for all 25 lessons. Disciple-making is at it’s best in life-on-life relationships. Cool things are going to happen!
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