Garland Church

Sports Camp

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Sports Camp

Monday, June 18 to Friday, June 22

9:00am - 12:15pm each day.

for Kids  going into grades K-6

Choose from Soccer, Volleyball or Cheerleading

$35 for Sports, Great Stories, Fun Songs and a T-shirt!

Break free from the things that hinder in life and fix your eyes on Jesus.

Whether it is a gold medal, a touchdown, a walk-off home run, a goal, or a three pointer at the buzzer, every athlete that competes is reaching for the top prize in their sport. However, in every contest, there are road blocks to achieving the desired result. There are opponents, a time clock, field or court conditions, coaching decisions and even referees that seem to keep the athlete from achieving success.

However, the greatest challenges to achieving success in sports actually come from within. The lack of self discipline, poor choices, or fear live large in the stockpile of reasons athletes do not succeed.

Happiness, fulfillment, the perfect job, family, friends, acceptance to the right school, or getting an “A” in a class are things we search for in life to satisfy the longings found inside each human soul. Just like in sports there are things in life that seem to be road blocks to our success. Personal relationships, health issues, bosses, geographical obstacles, and financial limitations are some of these issues.

The Breaking Free series is the story of the reconciliation of God to man; a story of breaking free from the things that hinder and the sin that so easily entangles us. When we break free from these things, it allows us to please God and gives us the best chance for a fulfilled and eternal life.