Garland Church

Senior Care Preparation

"Getting Your Ducks in a Row"

The Future is not guaranteed

Learn about senior care preparation and what you need to know to be successful. Learn how to set up a step-by-step plan, get organized, and better understand and prepare for the issues and decisions you are facing, or may face.

Wednesday, September 13

at Garland Church

7:00-8:30pm in the Worship Center

Who Should attend?

Seniors, adult children of seniors, “Boomers,” those who are or will be caring for aging family members and others who are interested.   

Why attend?

People who anticipate stepping into a “caregiver“ role and make some plans, feel less burdened in an emergency than people who’ve made no plans at all.  Come and learn, ask questions, and find out that being prepared can be a ‘positive’ in your life.

  Claudia Rumwell, RN                                              Consultant, Senior Care Author,  Senior Care Organizer

Claudia Rumwell, RN                                             Consultant, Senior Care Author, Senior Care Organizer

Claudia has worked with the senior population for over 40 years as a vascular clinic nurse and researcher, instructor, consultant and author of several books. As a result of advocating for her parents’ changing health care needs for 10 years, and working with other adult children and seniors in various stages of need, she shifted much of her nursing focus to the area of senior care in 2008 while also publishing the Senior Care Organizer, which is in its 4th edition. Through these experiences, she acquired practical skills and knowledge, works with many senior care professionals of varying specialties; and currently enjoys providing educational presentations to seniors, their families and friends.